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Film is not just a medium for entertainment. Film is a reflection of society that portrays ideas we all relate to. They bring people together in laughter, in sadness and in empathetic connect to the screen and its stories. Certain films throughout our lifetime, in the process of unifying us through our experiences become ingrained into our memories and gain an extremely personal value in our minds. This value comes with a raging curiosity and film buffs across the world satiate this by collecting memorabilia. Visual literature that advertises summarizes and glorifies in posterity everything that that film means to its audience. Film memorabilia allow the audience that slight peek into the world behind the magic of the silver screen that it so ravenously desires.

Keeping in line with our commitment to film, this section provides both researchers and film buffs detailed bibliographic information on Bengali Cinema. In the same breath we also provide Collectors with the unique opportunity of purchasing these gems of cinematic history as well as high quality reproductions of the same.

Close in tow, will be the addition of our Hindi Film Memorabilia


Gallery Rasa Archives

Indian art has long since lost its sheltered selective audience and has percolated into every strata of our society. Its growing presence and relevance has pushed the bounds of its study and collection. However comprehensive and qualitative research remains scattered and has not kept pace with the inexorable growth of the art world. This endeavor aims to be a step towards a broader understanding and ownership towards Art in our nation and internationally.

Gallery Rasa Archives is a work in progress and shall continue to be so as it strives to bridge the gap. With a comprehensive collection of rare journals, books, newspapers articles, letters, catalogues, artist correspondences; encompassing different art practices, classical Indian art, folk art and crafts.  We aim to provide art aficionados, historians, archivists, students, academicians and professionals an easy and smart access to a pool of resources that we hope forms an invaluable asset.

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